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Townsend Leadership Program 

As a leader, it’s important to have a complete set of skills to accelerate your personal, professional, and organizational performance. The Townsend Leadership Program, founded by Dr. John Townsend, best-selling author and leadership expert, designed the Townsend Leadership Program (TLP) as a highly effective way to help business professionals achieve the outcomes they desire in leadership as well as overcome and eliminate obstacles which may be preventing them from realizing their full potential. The Townsend Leadership Program features teams around the country that meet on a monthly basis to support each other in growth and success, both professionally and personally.

With our Competence + Character Leadership model, you’ll learn how to focus on strategy and goals while cultivating emotional intelligence to help grow a successful business. The Leader’s Path to Growth is a framework that highlights how the fruit of your success in your personal and professional life stems from roots of grace, truth, and time. With these models, you gain benefits of integrated leadership growth while experiencing personal support from your TLP team.

Why Join a TLP Group

As a member of The Townsend Leadership Program, you will experience significant performance results in all aspects of life, including your professional and personal goals. The program demonstrates the principle that your career and life can be integrated seamlessly and productively. 


The program uses a variety of didactics to help professionals grow and expand in their specialties, including:

  • Stretch goals that direct the course of the leader’s growth

  • Unique content designed by Dr. Townsend 

  • Individual coaching sessions with Dr. Jill Jay

  • Small group sessions with the leadership team

  • Confidential SWOT analysis sessions

  • Current readings on leadership and organizational performance

  • Skills for accelerating performance during difficult times 

What is The TLP Experience Like? 

Members commit to meet one full day each month on a set date for one year with their team and Director. Team members are selected on an interview basis with certified TLP Director, Dr. Jill Jay, from a wide variety of sectors. The experience is much like a peer support group that meets in a holistic program and works together along with the Director to attain goals that affect both personal and professional lives for growth. TLP is an investment that continues to be beneficial for a life time. Request an application from Dr. Jill Jay at the link below. 

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