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Meet Dr. Jill Jay 

Dr. Jill Jay has 25 plus years of experience in the entrepreneurial arena, including starting and building a global multimillion dollar business. Her experience spans from over 17 years in the collegiate classroom, to coaching and consulting to working in the board room as a business executive for more than 20 years. Dr. Jay is a dynamic and seasoned entrepreneur with a track record in developing and implementing effective business processes.


Dr. Jay has experience in managing and leading internal teams, developing leadership and growth skills of her staff, creating win-win relationships with vendors and suppliers to improve cost-efficiency across the supply chain, and tracking adherence to organizational strategy, strategic objectives and action plans.

Currently, Dr. Jay still operates as the Chairman and CEO of her dietary supplements business, is an Adjunct Professor for the Townsend Institute at Concordia University Irvine and runs her own Career & Life Coaching/Consulting business. Dr. Jay serves a variety of business clients ranging from c-suite, business owners, entrepreneurs and students both on personal and professional levels.

Dr. Jay utilizes the TLP model to impact her clients by helping them overcome personal and business obstacles and challenges and focus on strategy and goals while cultivating emotional intelligence to promote growth. Dr. Jay also has a passion for assisting her clients in experiencing the power of digging into the root issues rather than solely focusing on the fruit, which has paved the way of success for many of her students, clients and mentees.

Dr. Jay holds a Masters of Science in Business and a Ph. D. in Organizational Leadership with emphasis in women entrepreneurs and integration of work life and home life. Her masters thesis and doctoral dissertation in her emphasis are both published works. Dr. Jay had the unique opportunity and privilege to learn directly from Dr. John Townsend, Author of New York times best-seller, “Boundaries”, from over 5 years as a member and participant in Dr. Townsend’s “Platinum Townsend Leadership Program”, which greatly impacted her own personal life and growth.


From Dr. Jay’s intimate work with the creator of the Townsend Leadership Program, she has a distinct advantage and unique insight for conducting a TLP team of her own.

Dr. Jay lives with her husband in San Mateo, CA.

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