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-S. Ohen, Senior Executive

I have been the personal recipient of Dr. Jay's guidance and coaching skills. As a young professional, Dr. Jay served as a key mentor, helping me navigate my career after graduating from law school. 


Dr. Jay is excellent at providing her clients with the necessary skills to help them make the right - and many times courageous - choices to guide them to their ultimate goals. I am now a successful senior-level executive in higher education and still check in with Dr. Jay as I continue to navigate my career.

-M. Sonic, Entrepreneurial Leader


I am truly grateful that I met Dr. Jay in a time of my life that I felt so much uncertainty about my future and what I wanted to do in life. She has helped me build a toolset that helps me take a step back, breath, examine, and create a plan of attack.


Thank you Dr. Jay for your guidance! Dr. Jay is your go to person to help you create a lifelong toolbox to help you succeed and continue to grow both professionally and personally.

-L. Sisavath, PhD Structural Biology

Dr. Jill Jay has been a mentor and a dear friend of mine for over 17 years. She is an incredible listener, authentic, and compassionate. We have had many conversations while I was pursuing a Ph.D. at Stanford University.


Her professional and personal life has inspired me to integrate life and work - connecting my passion and dreams with my knowledge. I continue to use tools like life mapping, and leverage it for a balance that brings more meaning and happiness.

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