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Unpredictability - Mountains to Climb

We are facing new mountains of challenges that we have not faced before. Unpredictability is now our new normal. Work, how we shop, bank, eat out etc. is changing like the weather. Resources are stretched to the limit for most small businesses, individuals and families. Distractions are more intense in this time of uncertainty. Job insecurity, retirement worries, and continued cut backs make it difficult to focus. It is a process for each of us to grieve the losses, face fears of uncertainty, become comfortable with the unknown and acknowledge that we each feel helpless to some extent as we coexist with a virus that continue to infect people every day.

We have to ask ourselves some tough questions...

- Are we holding on to an activity, product, strategy, or relationship whose season has passed?

- What do we need to change as we enter this new season?

We can make the intentional choice to move forward in measured steps. Different steps than we may have originally planned on pre-COVID19, but actionable-steps nonetheless. Forward movement will keep us motivated. Focus on key activities that will help you build a strategy to get through the tough changes and new realities we are facing. Focus on top goals (yes, even if they've been revised since quarantine) – our goals were important then, and they are still just as important now, and need our attention now more than ever.

Some goals could be distracting. Make it a regular practice to define your goals. Undefined goals provide no direction. Focus on one specific goal and do it with excellence. It can be very simple – such as self care. This could include good sleep, exercise (adapted for our current realities of course), healthy eating, connecting with friends via Zoom or FaceTime, phone calls, emails, Facebook etc. Consider these specific questions.

"What relationships can I nurture and grow? What activities can I keep up with at any significant level? What am I willing to do? What am I not willing to do? Getting these questions answered will helps to set goals in line with this new reality. Keep score. Yes, literally. Track and measure on a daily/weekly basis how you are doing, this helps monitor your progress, correct where you are off course and celebrate where you see even the smallest of wins. We all need some sustainable motivation for new growth and


Next week I'll be sharing "8 Tips" to best monitor your progress. This weekend, consciously and intentionally begin asking yourself the two tough questions I mentioned above.

Until then,

Dr. Jill Jay

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